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Have you planned for the future yet? If you have answered no, or if you are a little unsure then you are going to need the help of Perler Wealth – the wealth management Vancouver experts. We look at your financial situation and help devise ways in which to maximise your investments so that you live comfortably in the present and future.


Your very-own Vancouver wealth management

Finding the right wealth management Vancouver experts that set you long-term goals, recommendations and solutions is easy once you choose Wealth Management VancouverPerler Wealth and their experts – Harry Perler and David Olejnik. Together, they will look at your financial plan and personal goals before creating something that is tailored to you and your needs.

We have access to a large range of financial tools such as income protection, many banking products and our affiliations with different financial institutions. As a result, both Harry and David will provide you with advice that is free of any bias. You can, therefore, be assured that our wealth management in Vancouver service will be conducted in your best interests at all times.


What is wealth management?

So you are interested in our Vancouver wealth management but do you know what it entails? Before you leave our website to do some research, we have done it for you! This is a process where a client and an advisor (in this case either David or Harry) will consult with one another to work out the best way forward to reaching a particular set of financial goals. This will be done in coordination with the appropriate financial products and/or services.

First, Harry and David will meet with you and ascertain your needs/wants which will set the path. Together they will look at areas such as retirement, estate and tax planning, investment management, insurance solutions to financial advising. These all form part of the wealth management in Vancouver solutions that will no doubt improve and enhance the client’s overall finances in the present and future.


Why you need to work with a certified financial wealth management company?

When selecting a wealth management Vancouver expert, you must check that the person in question has Certified Financial Planning or CFP for short after their name. What does this mean? Put simply, the individual in question has shown that they possess the ethics, knowledge, skills and abilities for those working in the financial planning industry. As your financial future is in our hands, it is vastly important for your financial future that it is handled by someone with your best interests at heart.

At Perler Wealth, we take great pride in hiring the very best individuals as we believe in delivering a service that offers our customers a range of solutions but furthers their investment in the best possible manner.


What services do we provide to help your future?

Before making the decision to choose Perler Wealth Management Vancouver team, we understand that you will want to know about what services we will suggest to help develop your future. Keep reading to find out more:

  • Asset management
  • Engagement process
  • Estate planning
  • Financial management
  • Life transition planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Risk management
  • Tax planning



We provide a range of tools and calculators for illustrative purposes only on this website; they should never be used as a substitute for professional and financial advice. There are certain limitations to these which can be avoided by a quick phone call to your personal wealth management in Vancouver advisor. You will find that our team are more than happy to discuss a wide range of issues that may be on your mind.


About Perler Wealth Management

As the number one choice for wealth management Vancouver needs, we have consistently delivered excellent solutions for our customers since the early 1990’s. Starting from just Anita and Harry, Perler Wealth has grown from strength to strength with a wonderful portfolio of clients. David has joined the company in its time of expansion to ensure that we provide a complete full-rounded service to our clients.

We pride ourselves on offering a wealth management in Vancouver service that is personalized to you and your needs. No client is the same, and we provide personalised solutions once we have assessed your situation. We have great access to a range of financial resources as used by big corporations which enables us to continue giving you the service that you deserve.


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