The Client Experience

What you can expect from Harry Perler and David Olejnik as your Wealth Management Experts

You and your family will always feel important. Harry Perler and David Olejnik believe that successful holistic financial planning and investment management begins with building solid relationships.

Taking their time to really get to know each of their clients allows Harry and David to provide their professional services tailored to suit your unique personal and financial situation.

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Specializing in Holistic Financial Planning and Investment Management

The two fundamental elements of our service offering is a regularly updated comprehensive financial plan and investment policy statement.

The Financial Plan

This is the foundational document from which our recommendations and advice are based upon. By collecting all of your relevant financial date and compiling it into one document, we can tell you exactly where you are in terms of reaching your goals today, and where you can expect to be at any time in the future. The comprehensive financial plan that we create for you will help identify tax planning opportunities, savings strategies, insurance needs, and cash flow analysis, which when put together will lead you to reaching your goals.

The Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

This document provides the framework for your investment decisions. The IPS ensures that the decision-making process with respect to the management of your money will be consistent, even when unexpected market fluctuations tempt to distract you from your long-term strategy. Investment recommendations will always be made based on the guidelines we agree upon and outline in this document. Your IPS will take into consideration your comfort with risk and investing and help set an expectation for what your portfolio will generate as an average rate of return. It will also help you to understand the volatility that you will need to endure to achieve the average rate of return you desire. The IPS is an essential foundation upon which our work together will be based.