Talking about money: 5 tips for couples

Financial Planning

Talking about money: 5 tips for couples


Becoming comfortable talking about money with your spouse can help you make the future brighter for your family. Here’s how to start.

In bygone days, men typically brought home the bacon and women used that bacon to run the household and raise the children. And while couples discussed all manner of important issues, women were about as likely to discuss family finances with their husbands as men were to debate what to put in school lunchboxes with their wives.

Today, Canadian women are more likely to be family breadwinners alongside their partners and men have taken a more active role in raising children, but many couples still aren’t comfortable discussing money matters or approaching long-term financial planning for their own households on an equal footing.
Though trying to change that dynamic can at first feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re already coping with financial stress as a couple, it’s nevertheless an essential component of creating a brighter, more mutually satisfying and secure future for the entire family.

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