The Perler Wealth Management Process

The Perler Wealth Management Process was developed and perfected by our founding advisor Harry Perler over the last 25+ years. The Perler Wealth Management Process is our holistic approach to financial planning. We believe in individually tailored planning to help you and your family manage your finances during each stage of your life and reach your financial goals in the most tax and cost-effective way.

Building the Foundation

Harry & David’s holistic approach to financial planning considers every aspect of your personal situation. At the onset of our relationship we gather all your relevant financial data to help us in determining your current financial position. Your willingness to share this personal information allows us to build the foundation for your personalized financial plan.

Learning more about You

Once Harry and David have a detailed understanding of your current financial situation they can focus on helping you achieve your personal and financial goals. Knowing your current situation, individual values, personal risk tolerance, and identifying the important things that you’d like to achieve allows Harry and David to tailor your financial plan to best help you realize these goals.

Identifying Obstacles and Opportunities

The road map to your goals isn’t always a straight path. With your personalized financial plan in hand, Harry and David can identify the obstacles that may prevent you from achieving your goals and seek out the opportunities and solutions to get things headed down the right path.

Building Your Plan

Your personalized financial plan assists Harry and David in making recommendations that are in line with your personal and financial goals. The link between your financial plan and achieving your financial goals lies in your Investment Policy Statement (IPS). An IPS looks at your comfort with investment risk and reward along with return expectations to build an asset allocation for your portfolio tailored to help you achieve your goals. Using your IPS to build your portfolio helps to ensure that the decisions with respect to the management of your money will be consistent, even when unexpected market fluctuations temp to distract you from your long term strategy. Updating your financial plan and IPS regularly and anytime your personal circumstances or goals change is essential to the success of the planning process.

Implementing recommendations

Having goals and a financial plan is great but to achieve your goals you must put the plan into action. Harry and David will help you implement the recommendations and will coordinate with other professionals you are working with (such as Lawyer or Accountant) if your situation warrants. Harry and David are committed to regular communication, follow up, and monitoring the recommendations along with any changes that need to be made. Staying in touch, keeping you up to date with the status of your plan, and by working together we are in the best position to help you achieve your goals.

Review and Revise

Our holistic financial planning process is designed to help you navigate your life and is therefore a lifelong process that requires your active participation throughout. We know that as your life evolves, your goals are ever changing. Harry and David are committed to working with you and updating your financial plan regularly to make sure that as those goals change your financial plan continues to adapt alongside you.