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Harry Perler and David Olejnik of Perler Financial Group offer financial planning in Coquitlam you can depend on.

Financial planning or wealth management as it is otherwise known as is a process unique to the client in which long-term goals are established. You’ll sit with one of our expert financial consultants while we determine which of our financial services can help you to achieve these goals in a timely manner. From investment management and retirement to estate planning and insurance solutions, we provide a wide variety of financial planning in Coquitlam services.

Our advisors will ensure that no opportunities are missed by keeping close tabs on your plan and how it relates to the ever-changing financial landscape.

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Our Certified Financial Planners are equipped to provide financial planning in Coquitlam, which includes a range of services provided for your financial future:Financial Planning in Coquitlam


  • Financial Management
  • Insurance
  • Asset Management
  • Estate Planning


From retirement goal planning and cash flow analysis and projection to life insurance and beneficiary designation, we can assist in all areas related to your financial strategy.

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Why Choose Us for you Financial Planning in Coquitlam?Financial Planning in Coquitlam

Our relationship with you is unique and personal. We are dedicated to fostering trust between our clients. We establish a close working relationship that helps to put your mind at ease.

Harry Perler and David Olejnik are wealth management experts whose expertise and experience is unrivalled. Over the last 30+ years, Harry and David have both worked hard to perfect the Perler Wealth Management Process. This unique six-step financial planning process provides a holistic approach in which our services are individually tailored to suit our clients’ needs. These services actively adapt throughout your life in-line with the financial changes that can often take place.


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