Financial Plan

Are you looking to secure your future with a comprehensive financial plan? If so, speak to the experts at Perler Wealth today, and see what they can do for you. With years of experience to draw on, no other company can provide the level of service that we do at such affordable prices. With our Perler Wealth Management Process, you’ll be well on track to getting a firm grasp on your finances. To find out more, call us today on 604 468 0888.

Financial Planning Services Tailored to Your Requirements

Keeping track of your finances can be daunting, yet by synergistically blending elements of planning, risk management, investment opportunities, and strategy of customized service, it needn’t be. Here at Perler Wealth, we’ve developed the market-leading Perler Wealth Management Process that delivers on all these critical factors. Through a holistic approach, we develop a financial plan intended to help you fulfill your financial goals in the most cost-effective way possible.

To learn more about what our financial consultants can do for you, keep reading or pick up the phone and call Perler Wealth today.

Introducing Our Perler Wealth Management Process

Developed by founding advisor Harry Perler, the Perler Wealth Management Process is the result of more than 25 years of work. It is an individually tailored approach that we use to help customers manage their finances during each stage of their lives. The first step to creating your bespoke financial plan is to build a strong foundation. This involves us gathering all relevant data and ascertaining your current financial position.

As we learn more about you, our advisors can use this information to create your personalized plan. Our financial planning services are keyed to your personal risk tolerance, individual values, and influenced by those all-important goals that you strive to achieve. As time progresses, circumstances change, and new obstacles and opportunities present themselves.

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    The team at Perler Wealth will adapt your financial plan accordingly, helping you to navigate the obstacles and capitalize on the opportunities. All the while, we’ll keep close tabs on the link between your plan and achieving your goals by looking carefully at your Investment Policy Statement (IPS). An IPS assesses how comfortable the client is with risk and reward. By analyzing your return expectations, an asset allocation can be built for your portfolio.

    Our financial consultants will build your portfolio, ensuring continuity in regards to your financial decisions, even in the face of market fluctuations. They’ll also advise you in matters regarding keeping your plan and IPS up-to-date as your goals change.

    A Financial Plan for a Brighter Future

    Once everything is established, your plan will be put into action. Our team will liaise with other professionals as deemed necessary to enact the plan to its fullest. Regular communication will be maintained with the client who will be apprised of any changes that are required. By keeping you up-to-date with the status of your financial plan, we’re ensuring a brighter future for your finances.

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    The service we offer is a lifelong process, and as your circumstances change so too must your plan. Rest assured that we’ll endeavour to adapt your plan to your ever-changing requirements with services provided for your financial future, including:


    • Financial Management
    • Insurance
    • Asset Management
    • Estate Planning


    For more information about the services listed above or our six-step financial planning process, pick up the phone and call Perler Wealth today on 604 468 0888.

    Financial Plan

    Why Choose Our Financial Consultants?

    Established for many years, Perler Wealth has grown to become one of the leading providers in Canada of high-quality financial planning services. Over the years, we’ve worked alongside hundreds of clients, always putting their interests first. We provide a service that is honest, transparent, and above all else, completely unbiased. Achieving your financial objectives is important to us, and we’ll never work in a way that serves our interests above yours.

    We believe in forging relationships built on trust and a solid foundation that helps to promote exceptional results that our customers are sure to be pleased with. Not only do we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations of us, but we also aim to contribute to their overall well-being too. We’re committed to acting with the highest level of professional integrity.

    Throughout all proceedings, we’ll maintain complete discretion and take the time to understand your needs more closely. We take a proactive approach and work closely with our clients, and value any feedback that you choose to give us. Our team are all skilled at what they do and are empowered further through superior training and professional development.

    We regularly explore and implement new technologies as well as attend seminars designed to broaden our knowledge. Everything we do is done to ensure that we provide each of our clients with a financial plan that is second-to-none.


    So, if you’re looking to secure your financial future, call Perler Wealth now on 604 468 0888 and ask our experts to begin working on your bespoke financial plan.