Employee Benefit Plans in Vancouver

Providing Employee Benefit Plans in Vancouver

Harry Perler and David Olejnik of Perler Financial Group provide Employee Benefit Plans in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Over the years, we have worked with a huge array of companies large and small, helping them to offer their employees the very best in workplace benefits.

Introducing our Employee Benefit Plans in Vancouver

Employee Benefits in VancouverWhether you’re a large corporate business or a new business that requires advice to set up a plan from scratch, Harry Perler and David Olejnik of Perler Financial Group can help.

Highly qualified and up-to-date with the latest legislation regarding Employee Benefit Plans, you can be sure that you will receive fantastic advice that is right for your business.

We have close relationships with a huge range of companies that service the Vancouver Employee Benefit Plans industry, which means we’re in the best place to discover services that cater to your business needs.

Our relationship with you is unique and personal. We implement a process which we refer to as The Perler Wealth Management Process. This process was developed and perfected by our founding Advisor Harry Perler over the last 30+ years, synergistically blending a balanced strategy of customized service, planning, investment opportunities and risk management.

Helping to create Employee Benefit Plans

As part of our assistance, we’ll help you to set up a system that enables you to sponsor each of your employees, so they benefit from an additional top-up of the health insurances and dental plans that are offered by the state. These top-ups will allow your employees to benefit from:

  • Hospital room upgrades
  • Medical supplies
  • Medical travel
  • Access to registered therapists and practitioners
  • Prescription drugs
  • Basic and major dental care
  • Orthodontic treatment

As an employer, you can also choose to provide an additional range of insurances as part of your Employee Benefit Plans, which will serve as a greater attraction to potential employees and help to retain the highest calibre of workers.  These include:

  • Life
  • Accidental death
  • Dismemberment and disability
  • Dependent life insurance

As an employer, you can also choose to contribute to your employees’ retirement fund as an added feature.  We’ll help you to set up this system, so you will be able to contribute to their pension pots without having to pay out in extensive taxation.

The second most common feature that many companies add to their Employee Benefit Plans is setting up a group saving plan, which offers more in the way of tax and growth advantages than individual savings plans.

What can you expect when you use our service?

We pride ourselves on offering honest and impartial advice. We’ll only offer you products that your company can afford. You can even choose this assistance as part of a greater financial advice package, which means we can take complete control over your business’s finances so you can rest assured that your company is in safe hands.

We’re all about building strong relationships with our clients and have often worked with companies right from their first days, providing financial guidance and support throughout the growth periods to ensure that finances remain stable. Often your Employee Benefit Plans will change as your finances allow you to offer more – Harry Perler and David Olejnik of  Perler Financial Group will be there every step of the way to make sure that your company is ready for the next stage.

When you choose our Employee Benefit Plans in Vancouver, you will benefit from:

  • Access to our unmatched knowledge and skill
  • Our dedication to achieving the best client relations
  • Our connections within the financial industry

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