Disability Insurance

Are you considering signing up for a disability insurance policy should an accident strike? You have come to the right place. The professional team at Perler Wealth will talk you through all of your available options in a clearly understandable manner and offer you a custom solution. Call us today on 604 468 0888 to discuss your requirements and book a meeting.

Why Does Disabled Insurance Matter?

Statistics show that one in six Canadians will be disabled for at least three months before they reach the age of 50. While no one ever thinks it’s going to happen to them during their prime working years, accidents do occur, so making plans for disability insurance early is a smart choice. Perler Wealth is here to help you with that.

The group insurance that you have as a working professional is unlikely to cover the level of income replacement that you would need should you find yourself unable to work. With long term disabled insurance, you can fix this and be proactive.

There are two broad types of disability income insurance coverage to consider. There’s “any occupation” cover that pays you if you can’t work due to a disability. For example, a surgeon who develops spasms would not qualify if he could potentially work as a taxi driver.

The second type is “regular occupation” coverage, which pays if your disability stops you from working in your current profession. Both types of disability insurance are calculated as a percentage of your current salary, which is normally two thirds of your earned income.

Disability Income Insurance – A Case Study

Now we’ll take a look at a case study that will demonstrate the importance of thinking ahead and getting disability insurance. Jack was the CEO of an advertising company and a long distance runner in his spare time. This meant that he was in great shape and successful when he decided to get a disability plan.

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    Several decades after the policy was issued, Jack returned home from a trip. When he was reaching for his suitcase, he was overcome with severe pain and rushed to hospital. After a checkup, the doctors diagnosed him with spinal stenosis. He was rushed into surgery and thankfully survived; however he was left unable to walk from the trauma.

    Thanks to infallible perseverance, Jack taught himself to walk again, going from a wheelchair to crutches to leg braces to a cane. He’s now walking unassisted, is back at work full time, and swims every single day.

    During this extremely difficult period, Jack’s disabled insurance plan paid his bills and kept his family afloat while he was recovering. A separate protection policy paid for outstanding loan payments and his share of the company’s overhead. Without these policies in place, he might have lost everything.

    Choose Perler Wealth to Handle Your Disability Income Insurance

    The Perler Wealth Management Process was developed by our founder Harry Perler and has been perfected over the past 25 years. It’s a comprehensive dynamic plan that offers all of the following aspects:

    • Cost-Effective Pricing
    • Customized Service
    • Identifying Investment Opportunities
    • Providing Long Term Planning Strategies
    • Regular Reviews to Ensure Efficiency
    • Risk Management

    The customer always comes first, so you can be confident that we will look after you and provide a disability insurance policy that benefits you and your family the most.

    Disability Insurance

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