Client Profiles

“Our relationship with you is unique and personal”

Every client has a different life story and individual financial goals.

Harry and David know you have worked hard for your money and their objective is to help you manage your finances during each stage of your life and reach all of your financial goals in the most tax and cost-effective way.

Below are a few different types of client profiles showing how Harry and David’s holistic approach to financial planning can help you.

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are approaching a transition in their financial lives, all their hard work and savings are about to be translated into retirement and reallocation of funds. Harry and David understand how overwhelming a drastic life change can be and are prepared to answer any questions and address all concerns.

They can create strategies pertaining to when to retire, how to afford a similar lifestyle, and what assets need to be reallocated to make the most of savings.

Additionally they provide suggestions on long term care planning, managing inheritance, and ensuring estates are in good order to pass on to the next generation in the most tax and cost efficient way.

Business Owners

As business owner’s themselves, Harry and David understand the hard work and dedication business owners labour into their respective professions. A business owner pours time and dedication into their work, and a flourishing business requires a succession plan to ensure its longevity across generations.

As a business owner prepares for retirement, Harry and David can assist in allocating assets and structuring a transfer to a trusted colleague or family member.

Additionally, both Harry and David understands the importance of protection for the business and dependents in cases of an owner’s unforeseen death or disability, especially if they are a key person in daily operations.

Harry and David can structure funded buy-sell agreements, standard buying and selling, employee benefit and retention programs, and other tax-advantage tactics to advance a flourishing business.

High-Net Worth Clients

Coming into, or accumulating wealth comes with the responsibility of preserving it for future generations. Harry and David can help develop a holistic plan considering the long-term purposes for wealth while additionally taking into account any current wants or needs of the client.

By focusing on how the wealth is accumulated, and understanding a client’s long term vision, Harry and David have the skills to plan tax-efficient transfers or direct the appropriate gifts and donations. A solid plan can guide decisions and ensure a client’s money reaches its intended potential.

Wealth Accumulators

The wealth accumulating client has an extensive future to plan for. Regardless of the level of income, the intimidating plans for the foreseen future can make money feel tight. Both Harry and David works with their clients to create a plan to help save for the big ticket purchases such as buying a home, or drastic life changes like having children.

A financial plan will create a road map to achieving long term goals while also providing protection for the future.

Plans can be customized to make the most of pre-existing programs such as employee benefits, profit sharing plans, and group insurance or additionally structuring personal insurance such as extended medical or dental to provide adequate coverage.

Young Investors

The key to success in financial planning is starting early; the sooner a plan is developed the easier it is to stay on track to reaching goals. Harry and David work with young investors to start a portfolio that aligns with their life long goals and current time lines.

Harry and David’s asset allocation takes into consideration risk tolerance, and needs based timelines, and when working with a young person their time frames have the potential to be more flexible. Working with longer time lines allows Harry and David the opportunity to guide their client’s lifelong financial objectives to fruition.

Families with Special Needs

Harry and David’s goals are to help protect their clients and their families. Having a dependent child or loved one who will most likely outlive their care giver can be a true cause of concern.

A well-developed financial plan taking into account specific or unique needs may involve establishing guardianship, implementing a special needs trust, or additional funding for long term care.

Harry and David take the time to deeply understand their client’s concerns and devises the most holistic financial plan for protecting loved ones.