Private client access

Recently Worldsource Financial Management Inc. (WFM) mailed a letter to our clients. As you know, WFM is the mutual fund dealership through which we process our trading, reporting, and other requirements to conduct my business.

Let us recap the recent communication: Your account number(s) will be changing format. Your new account number(s) was included in the letter from WFM. You were also informed of changes to InvestorNet, WFMs online investor account management website. No action was required, the letter was sent simply for your information only.

If you are a registered user of InvestorNet, WFM has mailed another letter directly to you. This letter will contain instructions on how to unlock a temporary password to access the new site. (For your protection, information about the password is mailed separately from the original letter.) As well, you will receive a “How-To” quick reference guide, to assist you the first time you login.

Your existing account user login ID has not changed.

NOTE: If you do not know your current login ID, you can find it on your most recent quarterly statement on the first page, top right corner – Investor #.

If you had bookmarked or saved the old URL for the old site, you will be automatically redirected to the new server and into the Security Questions area of the new site. You must set up security questions and responses in order to access the new site. It is highly recommended you change your password at this stage as well.

NOTE: Please re-save the new link as the redirection will only be in place for a limited time.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your advisor.

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