The Client Experience

Over the last 25 years, founding advisor Harry Perler has created a lifestyle for himself that he is proud to share with his clients. Harry genuinely enjoys getting to know the range of clients that he has the pleasure of forming a working relationship with. Without a doubt, Harry puts the needs of his clients above all else. Continuing this ‘service above self’ mindset is of upmost importance to Harry, which is one of the many reasons why he is proud to have David Olejnik working by his side.

Together, Harry and David bring forth the highest amount of care, compassion, and interest to their clients’ lives. Their aim is to develop long lasting relationships with each of their clients and strategize plans to maintain financial balance over their respective life courses. You can expect, as a client, that Harry and David will present you with a financial plan that will cater to your lifestyle at the present time, while considering your long term goals.

This individualized customization of a financial plan verifies that you are not just a number to Harry and David; your unique personality and circumstances separates you from other clients and your financial plan should reflect that. Additionally, Harry and David’s holistic approach to financial planning demonstrates to you that all aspects of your life will be considered when your advisors are determining how they will help you achieve your goals in the most tax and cost efficient way.

The long lasting relationships that are formed from the working alliance between Harry, David, and the clients are carrying on throughout generations. David is following Harry’s core principles to ensure that all the clients receive exemplary service. Additionally, clients are sending their children to Harry and David to spread the knowledge of the advisors throughout generations. Harry and David are very proud to say that they are seeing the children, and in some cases the grandchildren, of some of their initial clients.

Without a doubt, you can expect top-notch care from Harry, David, and their team. Together, Harry and David have been able to form a strong and trustworthy alliance between themselves that will allow the clients to have the best experience possible.

A clients last experience is their next expectation”