The Perler Wealth Management Process

We implement a process which we refer to as The Perler Wealth Management process. Our founding advisor, Harry Perler, has developed this process over the past 20+ years perfecting the balance of customized service, financial planning, investment opportunities and risk management.

The Perler Wealth Management process is a holistic strategy to help professionals, business owners, and other high net worth individuals manage their financial matters in each stage of their life and reach their personal financial goals in the most tax and cost effective way.

1. Assemble Financial Background:

Harry and David take a holistic approach to financial planning which considers your personal situation in its entirety. At the onset of your relationship they will collect all your relevant financial data such as, but not limited to, lists of assets and liabilities, tax returns, records of investment transactions, insurance policies, wills, and pension plans to determine where you are currently financially positioned. By amalgamating your financial data in its entirety Harry and David will build the foundation for your personalized financial plan.

2. Understand Personal and Financial Goals:

After Harry and David have a detailed understanding of your financial background they will focus on where you see your life going. Harry and David will learn from you what both financial and personal goals are, as well as receive clarification of your individual values and personal risk tolerances. Your goals may include providing for your children’s education, supporting elderly parents, or relieving immediate financial pressures that would help maintain your current lifestyle and provide for retirement. With a full understanding of your current situation, coupled with your unique values and goals, Harry and David are able to create the financial plan to guide you to where you want to be.

3. Identify Problems and Opportunities:

Creating a road map to your goals may not always be a straight path. Harry and David will take the time to process and analyze your current information to identify any problems that may create barriers which prevent you from achieving your goals. Not only will they evaluate your personal information, they will take this time to research available resources and economic conditions that may have an impact on your plan. It is at this point that Harry and David start to seek out solutions most suitable to your personal goals and objectives.

4. Recommend Alternatives and Solutions:

Harry and David provide recommendations and alternative solutions. The length of the recommendations will vary with the complexity of your individual situation; they will always be structured to meet your needs.

It is within this step that they introduce to you your ASSET ALLOCATION PLAN. Asset allocation aims to balance risk and reward by spreading your savings according to your individual goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. The three main asset classes are equities, fixed-income, and cash and equivalents. This process is regarded as the single most important investment decision you will ever make. The outcome of this decision will impact your future financial security. Harry and David will complete and regularly revise an Asset Allocation Plan and will update your Financial Plan as your personal circumstances changes. It is customary to review your financial plan annually to review your goals and ensure any changes in personal circumstances have been accounted for. It is imperative that you are continuously involved in the planning process by keeping Harry and David informed of any changes that can affect your financial plan (ie: marriage, divorce, children, change of employment, etc.) to ensure your financial plan is updated taking these factors into account. Your involvement, joined with our knowledge, experience and state of the art technology assists us in developing sound solutions to assist you in reaching your personal financial goals in the most tax and cost effective way.

5. Implement a Strategy:

A financial plan is only beneficial if the recommendations are put into action. Implementing the right strategy will help you reach your desired goals and objectives. Harry and David will assist you in either executing the recommendations, and/or in coordinating the execution with other knowledgeable professionals. They will continue to monitor the recommendations they have implemented, and will ensure you are kept up to date with the status of your financial plan.

6. Provide Reviews and Revisions:

A holistic plan is a lifelong procedure requiring your active participation throughout each step of the financial planning process. Harry and David will regularly check in with you to ensure they are kept informed of any significant changes in your life, and will evaluate whether any new tax legislation or economic conditions could have an impact on your financial plan resulting in changes that may have to be made. If any changes to your risk tolerance occur, recommendations will also be made in your asset allocation to ensure your portfolio remains suitable with your objectives.