Introduction to wealth management

Tax planning in Vancouver

To put it simply, wealth management is the process that occurs when an advisor and a client consult to determine, and work towards, the financial goals of clients by using appropriate financial services.

When Harry and David meet with their clients they work together and put the needs and the wants of the client first. Financial advising, investment management, retirement and estate planning, insurance solutions, and tax planning all are pieces put together to not only solve, but enhance, the financial situation of the client at the present time and for the future.

Harry and David take a holistic approach to wealth management, which is imperative to ensure that the client will fully benefit from their advisor’s expertise. In short, this means that all aspects of an individuals, or family’s, life will be incorporated into the steps that will be taken to help them reach their financial goals. There are massive benefits to having one financial professional manage your wealth; having a single individual providing you with your services and advice ensures that all the ‘pieces’ of your financial status and future are working together.