History and Growth

Perler Financial Group was formed in the early 1990’s as a partnership between Harry and Anita Perler.  Harry brought forth a strong background in business while Anita had a background in corporate banking.  As the years went on their business grew and by 2006 Perler Financial Group became a corporation offering full financial planning services. With continuing education, Harry was able to expand his professional designations. This contributed to him becoming the top performer in Canada for Worldsource Financial Management, which is his mutual fund dealer.

Perler Financial Group started out with only two employees, being Harry and Anita.  At the present date, Perler Financial Group has a full support staff of 12 individuals, whose primary focus is to help service Harry Perler’s clientele.   Keeping exemplary service in the forefront and of utmost importance, Harry’s main objective is to focus on the client while Anita supervises the day to day operations of the firm. This system allows Harry to interact and service his clients as much as possible.

In 2015, Harry and Anita Perler proudly welcomed a new adviser to Perler Financial Group; David Olejnik. While Harry’s strong passion for his work will keep him in the industry for many years and retirement is not in the foreseeable future, Harry understands and recognizes the importance of succession planning, not only for his clients, but for himself as well.

Bringing David into the Perler Financial Group team has provided Harry with the opportunity to train and mentor David on the financial planning and wealth management techniques that Harry has learned over the last 20+ years.  With the addition of David Olejnik, our clients are benefitting from having another advisor working under Perler Financial Group who has the same mindset as Harry Perler.  Both Harry and Anita take great comfort in knowing that if Harry is not available when a client require immediate adviser services, David will be available to assist.

The future growth of Perler Financial Group is focused on client servicing and extensive resources. This can range from having more quality interactions with clients, growth in technology to help enhance the client experience, or simply continually adding customized services and resources to further encompass a holistic wealth management approach.  While Perler Financial Group does have the extensive resources that you would be able to find in many large financial institutions, it is not a goal to become a big conglomerate company. Rather, Perler Financial Group focusses on the individual client with extensive resources and customized service, which you typically would not find in a large financial institution. This customized service allows Harry, David, and their team to show the clients that they are not just a ‘file number’. It is of upmost importance to all members of the team that the clients receive the specialized service that they deserve.

Perler Financial Group has been in existence for over 25 years, and looks forward to servicing its clients for many years to come!